1960: Half-Naked Girl Advertises Mattresses

It amazes me how many scantily-or-unclad women show up in advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s. The modern conception of this time period is that they were prudish. In this case, it’s a fairly tame advertisement featuring a woman’s bare back, advertising for mattresses at Rickbeils.

1945: A Beauty Treatment That You Eat!

You too will be beautiful if you eat cabbage and potatoes, implies this 1945 advertisement.

1935: Carjacker Gives Victim Money For Sandwich, Promises To Change The Oil

A carjacker stole a man’s car, gave him some money for coffee, promised to change the oil and dropped him off miles from home near Adrian in 1935. True story. Auto thieves, with a kidnapping complex and a Jesse James flourish, visited Worthington late last night, kidnapped Stanley L. LeBon of the LeBon-Scott feed concern, and…
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