1945: A Beauty Treatment That You Eat!

You too will be beautiful if you eat cabbage and potatoes, implies this 1945 advertisement.

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  1. Bob


    When you put in old ads you seem to focus on the message and the design layout and how they are different from current newspaper ads. The readers are interested in that too (in addition to the prices) but we are more interested in the name of the retailer and where it was located. You seem to cut off that information more times than you include it.

  2. Kari Lucin

    Well, I can’t put in full-page ads, because the format of the blog utility doesn’t allow it.

    I wish it did, but it just doesn’t.

    I can’t post anything larger than 500 pixels, and if I did that with a full page ad, no one would be able to read anything on it.

    I suppose I could just stop putting them in altogether, but the full page ads are often the most interesting ones.

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