1960: Hi-Lo Club Guests Lose $1000 Mink Coat

This story about a muskrat coat left in place of a $1,000 mink coat at Hi-Lo Club in 1960 ran on the front page.

1945: I’m OK, You’re Okay, Oh Wait That’s Just Your Tires

Rubber Welders pleged to "fill our country’s urgent need: ‘Keep those tires rolling!" in 1945. They were O.K. Rubber Welders, proprietor E.R. Morford, and they had two phone numbers.

1935: Magazine Subscriptions

This 1935 advertisement offers four magazine subscriptions for $2, but forces you to choose just one of the really well-known magazines from the left column and then three from the less-well-known column on the right. You also got a copy of the Nobles County Times, though.