1960: Penney’s Offers Budget Cottons

Penney’s sold budget cottons in 1960 for up to $3.98. I can’t help but love the style of these dresses, even if the ladies have inexplicably had their legs chopped off.

1945: Lismore Man Gets Pilot Wings

Rufus Loebig, 22, son of Mathilda Loebig of Lismore, received his pilot’s wings and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1945. Sorry about the darkness of the photo. Sometimes I can’t make them better, but I thought Mr. Loebig still deserved credit for his efforts and decided to post it anyway. Next post at…
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1935: Cinderella Wash Dresses And Georgiana House Frocks

Silverberg’s had Cinderella Wash Dresses and Georgiana House Frocks in 1935, and if the dress pictured is any indication, they were lovely.