1945: Torpedoman Missing In Action

Clyde Arthur Gerber, torpedoman first class on submarine, was missing since September in 1944, according to this 1945 Daily Globe article and photo.

He was stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack. Does anyone know what became of him and if he’s still around?

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  1. Roger Lee Gerber

    He was my great uncle. He was one of 78 crew meembers killed on the USS Flier (SS-250) when it struck a mine during her second war patrol while running on the surface at night in the Balabac Strait on Aug 13th 1944. Sank in less than a minute, 14 entered the water alive, but only 8 survived the 15 hour swim to shore. Friendly natives led them to coast watchers who then arranged for the survivors to be picked up by the Redfin (SS-272). The USS Flier was found in the spring of 2009 in 330 feet of water and the discovery is featured in “Submarine Graveyard” on the Dive Detectives.

    1. Oh my gosh. That’s very sad–I’m glad they at least did find the Flier, even if it took so many years.

      There were so many of these “missing in action” briefs in the paper during the war. Every one tells a sad story, even the ones where the men were eventually found.

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