1960: Chocolate Cherry For February

Chocolate Cherry for February, proclaimed this 1960 advertisement for Blue Bunny ice cream. Note the cute, non-scary Blue Bunny mascot, who’s sketchy, smiley and huggable rather than spooky and demonic like the other bunny.

1945: Washnesky Gets His Commission

Marvin Washnesky, whose mother apparently lived in Worthington ("here"?) was commissioned and awarded his pilot’s silver wings in the army air forces in February 1945. Next post at 6 p.m.

1935: The Monopoly Mascot In His Younger Days

Actually, this 1935 ad from the Nobles County Co-Op Oil Company didn’t feature the Monopoly mascot, but he certainly looks like the guy’s younger, more fun brother, doesn’t he? Spiffy ad.