1980: Miller Makes Plays For Windom

Windom’s senior playmaker David Miller in regional action in 1980. Toning this photo made him look slightly like Ashton Kutcher. I’m not sure what I did wrong.

1960: Ice Follies Are The Most Beautiful Show In The World

The Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies were billed as the most beautiful show in the world in 1960. They were a lot like the Ice Capades, and Peggy Fleming was in them for a while. Next post at 5 p.m.

1945: City Replaces Electrolier

The city replaced an "electrolier" again in 1945, despite the fact that a lot of people seemed to believe it wouldn’t do any good, because it would just get knocked down again. An electrolier isn’t at all like a Langolier, but it is quite a bit like a chandelier.