1980: Fun, Fancy And Very Low Necked

This 1980 advertisement for Cara Lin’s in Lakefield featured that pseudo-art nouveau look that was so popular in the 1980s. She seems to be weirdly flat-chested, though, and that neckline goes down pretty far. Weird.

1960: Inscrutable Ads

Sometimes advertisements don’t make sense after 50 years, and this ad for Swanson’s is one of them. I have no idea what Swanson’s was, where it was, what they were selling or… well, anything. They sure do seem friendly, though, so I guess my opinion is more positive after having seen the ad. Next post…
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1945: Is Your License Valid?

Old licenses weren’t valid since 1944, reported this 1945 Daily Globe editorial warning people to update their drivers licenses. "This permits some kind of a check on Minnesota drivers, as well as eliminating froms tate files the records of thsoe drivers who have died, moved away or otherwise ceased to be operators of motor vehicles."…
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