1980: Lent And Pilate’s Wife

St. Matthew Lutheran Church was hosting a series called "Voices of the Passion," and one of the installments was Pilate’s wife, called here, as she is in tradition, Claudia Procula. (Note that this is tradition, not canon. I could talk about the critical difference between the two but you’d all be bored half to death.) Pontius Pilate’s wife…
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1960: Harpers Signpost To Spring

This 1960 Harper’s advertisement features a very cool lady dressed in a style that still looks awesome today. My favorite columnist, James Lileks, once remarked that if you couldn’t see Laura Petrie in an outfit, it wasn’t cool. Well, I could see Laura in this. Next post at 6 p.m.

1945: Bad Photoshopping Before Photoshop

I’m pretty sure this 1945 Pillsbury Mills ad features at least two actual pictures, and possibly more. For one thing, the boy’s head does not appear to match the rest of his body. Or am I just seeing things? Next post at 11 a.m.