1960: Daily Globe’s April Fools Joke

In 1960, the Daily Globe ran a front page story about the Ellsworth bank getting robbed, which it had–25 years previously.

Hoodlums in the reenactment photo.

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  1. Bob

    This was not a smart April Fool’s joke. It actually shows poor judgment on the part of the Globe editors.

  2. Kari Lucin

    There’s quite a range of opinion on newspapers doing April Fools jokes. Some people absolutely love them.

    Others think they’re terribly inappropriate.

  3. Bob

    There nothing wrong with a newspaper publishing an April Fool’s joke, as long as it is funny or at least clever. Years ago the Globe printed a story about how the new roll of newsprint was different than it had been in the past and that day’s newspaper (April 1st) had been printed upside down. Not particularly funny, but a little clever.

    I believe the line of good judgment for a newspaper’s April Fool’s joke should be drawn at stories about bank robberies.

  4. sea town

    What’s most noteworthy about this clip for me and all those who recall him is the announcement (below the robbery story) of the arrival at the Worthington YMCA of the legendary George Zeise. He was a great influence for good for all who knew him in his years here. When I was at the U of M, my brand-new college boyfriend, whom I had been trying to impress as a worldly sophisticate, somehow found out I was a former farm girl from Worthington. Said boyfriend had been a Zeise disciple at the Mpls “Y” and insisted we pile into his sports car and immediately drive all the way to Worthington so he could see where Zeise was working. My parents were slightly shocked when I arrived in a sports car the likes of which they’d never seen and with a boyfriend I hadn’t even told them about yet.

  5. Kari

    Iiiiiinteresting. Well, I’ve done a few of the posts for the next few days, and I’ve seen a few familiar faces that have cropped up in Reprint before. Hopefully some of you will recognize them too!

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