1960: Worthington Seniors Produce Play

Worthington students produced presented The Desk Set in 1960, including Maxine Anderson, Sandra Scott, Judy Hvistendahl, Carol Strohm, Barbara Gould, Jerry Kuhl, Mary Hay, Roger Groenewold, Tony Houtsma, Gary Goodwill, Reidar Soderholm, Lucy (or Lacy?) Martin, Daryl Standafer, Bruce McKinnon and Barbara Hegg.

1945: Chicks Will Really Come On The Run

The Farmers Cooperative Company declared in 1945 that chicks would really come on the run if you filled the hoppers with the company’s chick starter. Next post at 6 p.m.

1935: Dust Cloud Turns Day To Night In Freak Weather Event

A week of weird weather culminated in a freak manifestation of a dust cloud that turned day to night in 1935, casting a weird shade onto the entire countryside. Next post at 11 a.m.