1960: Hallbeck’s OP Skaggs Food Store Sold

Hallbeck’s was sold in 1960, and it became vaguely affiliated with Red Owl. Does anyone know if it ever officially became a Red Owl store?

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  1. Howard

    Yes, Ralph’s Red Owl was open from 1960 until about 1979 where O’Reilly Auto Parts is located. In small towns like Worthington, sometimes the mere mention of a store from years ago will bring up memories and stories, most of which cannot be printed in the newspaper or posted here.

  2. Kari

    I’ll have to watch out for that as the story develops in the April, May, June etc. Daily Globes.

    I have good memories of the Jack and Jill’s store in Clara City, where I used to wander the tiny toy and craft aisles as a child.

  3. Howard

    Actually Kari, I was trying to be subtle but I was apparently too successful. The memories that I was referring to won’t be found in your archives. They were more scandalous in nature. Never mind.

  4. Kari Lucin

    That’s what I get for reading my comments before I’ve had my coffee.

    Yeah, I don’t remember too many grocery store-related scandals where I grew up, but then, I was a kid, and probably would have been happily oblivious at the time.

  5. sea town

    Here’s a printable Red Owl scandal:

    The Red Owl store was a favorite of my mom & her sister, lifelong Worthington residents. One day when I accompanied my mom to Red Owl, we found the entrance severely damaged. The double glass doors were smashed, glass was everywhere, the door frames were twisted, & products stacked at the entrance were strewn around as if hit by a tornado. I said to my mom, “Looks like someone decided to drive right into the store.”

    As we were fondling the produce, the store manager came up to my mom and said, “Mrs. T., I hope your sister is OK.” Mom asked what he was talking about. “Well, isn’t Mrs. K. your sister? She drove her car right into the front of the store.”

    My mom–always a stickler for proper behavior, always eager to avoid any kind of embarrassment–abruptly ended our shopping trip, headed out of the store & told me to stop laughing. My aunt was OK, but for the rest of her life became very upset at any reminder of her misadventure. And as I’ve aged & lost my teen-aged conceit about my infallible driving skills, I’ve become much more sympathetic to my aunt’s distress.

  6. Kari Lucin

    Poor lady! I can’t blame her for being embarrassed, but things do happen to even the most responsible drivers.

    Poor store, too.

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