Daily Archives: April 24, 2010

1960: Lake Okabena Rising

Lake Okabena was still rising in April 1960. It appears to have been a very wet year, and there was flooding at Granite Falls too, for example.

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1945: Selling Insulation Likely Contaminated By Asbestos

This 1945 advertisement from Enger Lumber Co. is saddening. Zonolite was a commercial name for vermiculite, which was used as an insulator. Unfortunately, Zonolite was particularly likely to be contaminated with asbestos. I’m fairly sure no one here was aware … Continue reading

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1935: Against Spring Burning

Controlled burning is now an established practice of many farmers, as well as the Department of Natural Resources, despite a lot of people in 1935, apparently, believing it was too dangerous and bad for the environment. Just don’t forget to … Continue reading

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