1960: Lake Okabena Rising

Lake Okabena was still rising in April 1960. It appears to have been a very wet year, and there was flooding at Granite Falls too, for example.

1945: Selling Insulation Likely Contaminated By Asbestos

This 1945 advertisement from Enger Lumber Co. is saddening. Zonolite was a commercial name for vermiculite, which was used as an insulator. Unfortunately, Zonolite was particularly likely to be contaminated with asbestos. I’m fairly sure no one here was aware of that at the time, and they didn’t even start phasing out asbestos until the…
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1935: Against Spring Burning

Controlled burning is now an established practice of many farmers, as well as the Department of Natural Resources, despite a lot of people in 1935, apparently, believing it was too dangerous and bad for the environment. Just don’t forget to get a permit and do it under the proper conditions. Permits are not that hard…
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