1935: Funeral And Ambulance Service

Quite strange to the modern eye is this advertisement for Hanson’s Funeral and Ambulance Service from 1935, but as I understand it these services were often combined in the past. In earlier years, funeral services were also sometimes combined with furniture sales, since the same people were building chairs and coffins.

N.L. Hanson also boasted a lady attendant, which would have been very reassuring to women, I imagine.

Also, here’s ads from the Worthington Rendering Works, Rickers Photos, Worthington Veterinary Hospital.

2 Responses

  1. Vorn

    It was relatively common for hearses to be used as ambulances as well; probably because both need to hold a person lying flat. That, and lack of demand: A town of 3000 in 1935 would only need a hearse 50 or so times a year, which isn’t very much; since you generally need a couple of hearses anyway – a typical year will almost certainly (97%) have two funerals on the same day even without tragic happenstance – it’s economical to find alternative uses.

  2. Kari

    Yep! It actually makes complete sense. It just seems weird now because everything is so much more compartmentalized.

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