1945: Electricity For Every Farm

The Daily Globe advocated electricity to every farm in 1945, partly, it seems, in relation to the war effort.

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  1. Charlene K. Bradshaw

    Shortly before my grandfather’s passing in 1976, I asked him what he thought was one of the greatest changes in technology in his lifetime. He quickly responded: “Electricity! And that was in 1946 when we retired from the farm to live in Worthington…oh how it would have been easier to milk cows by electric bulbs rather than oil lanterns.”

    Thanks for posting this, Kari along with all of the “Reprints”.

  2. sea town

    To say nothing of automated milking machines, vs. milking the cows by hand! Still no electricity when my family moved off the farm in 1950. Though I was just a toddler, I remember kerosene lamps & having to pump by hand to get running water in the kitchen.

    My thanks, too, Kari….

  3. Kari Lucin

    I see a lot of similarity between the rural broadband effort and the rural electrification effort, although on the face of it rural electrification was a much, much bigger deal.

    I can’t imagine having to milk cows by hand, much less by hand by a kerosene lamp, and then the constant danger of fire such lamps would entail also must have been a big concern for everyone.

    Rural electrification seems to have been more business-oriented, whereas I at least think of rural broadband in terms of education opportunities. I remember staying after school for weeks to complete projects in high school because I didn’t have the internet at home, and I can’t imagine it’s gotten any easier for kids without good internet service since 1999!

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