1960: Completely Lost His Marbles

Lonnie Lien was photographed in 1960 playing a game I don’t see much these days: marbles. There are plenty of games with marbles in them (Hungry Hungry Hippos, Crossfire, Chinese Checkers) but I don’t see kids playing plain marbles anymore. This had to have been a staged photo, but it’s a pretty good one, and it’s…
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1945: Mayor Murdered Gangland Style

From the 1945 Daily Globe comes this editorial lamenting the murder of the mayor of Aachen, who was apparently killed by nazis.

1960: When You Want To Be Obvious About Being Evil

Vampires like to rearrange the letters in their names as pseudonyms (Dracula, Alucard; Carmilla, Millarca) and apparently, so did the creepy deluded guy who thought he was under an evil curse in this Abbie ‘n Slats comic. It never works. (Yes, I will catch up and there will be three posts for every day! It…
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