1960: Get Mom A Cake She Doesn’t Have To Bake For Mother’s Day

In 1960, you could buy your mother a cake she wouldn’t have to bake or assemble herself from the Model Bake Shop, which was located across from the Gobbler Cafe. Anyone know what street that was on? (Caught up at last! Posts are scheduled for tomorrow at 5 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. See…
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1935: Printing Plant Moves

This is the article underneath the gigantic headline the Nobles County Times printed in 1935 about its move to a new building.

1960: Americans Are Over Accessorized

Americans often over-accessorize, contended this 1960 article, which also explained the "Rule of 14." This stated you could wear 14 items at a time, total, which would include your shoes and socks and sweaters and purses and hats and jewelry pieces. I have no idea if this includes only visible clothing or if it also…
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