1960: Heron Lake’s Population Fixed

Heron Lake’s population number was upped to 845 in 1960 after the city discovered somehow they’d lost 40 people in 10 years according to the 1960 census, even though they had in reality gained a few people. Fortunately the townspeople got together and made sure everyone was counted and fixed the total.

1945: 4-H Membership Goals Exceeded

Plenty of kids joined 4-H in 1945, and they exceeded their membership goals. 4-H remains strong in Nobles County today, although I believe membership has shifted quite a bit to include lots more town kids, which is awesome. I wish I’d had the opportunity to join when I was a kid, but to be honest I might…
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1935: Music Contests, Worthington The Boomtown And Scaly Olsonites

The Nobles County Times ran three editorial snippets in early May 1935, one about how music contests had changed to no longer awarding first, second, and third places, one about how Worthington was a big boomtown and a third about politics, which illustrates perfectly how politics hasn’t changed much since 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.