1960: Caryl Chessman Executed

Caryl Chessman was executed in 1960, and though I was not familiar with the case until I looked it up after seeing this Daily Globe editorial, it was a very big deal in its time.

1945: Wards Wallpaper Easy To Hang!

Montgomery Ward advertised that its wallpaper was easy to hang in 1945. I wonder how easy it was to remove. My mother has already spent quite a bit of time scraping wallpaper off walls at our new home in order to repaint (it’ll match some new furniture we’re getting to replace our broken couches), and…
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1935: Moving The Newspaper

The Nobles County Times editorial board wrote a more personalized (I know, no name is attached, so not really "personal") account of its move to a new location in 1935. Note the "rational spelling" of "thorofare." I see a lot of that in the Nobles County Times. Next post at 11 a.m.