1945: Ad Encourages Church Attendance In War’s Aftermath

The following text is from an advertisement from the May 1945 Daily Globe, which included a list of local churches and pastors and was endorsed by the Worthington Civic and Commerce Association.

There are so few things to hold on to these days — material values, mental conditions change rapidly… affected directly and quickly by the strife and turmoil in a nation at war.

Yesterday we were engaged in a bitter struggle against the scourge of the “master race”… today the aggressor lies on the brink of the vanquished! Today we rejoice… yesterday our hearts were heavy.

While we cheer our accomplishments on the European front, this is only one phase of the global conflict… yet a step nearer the Peace for which so many have made their sacrifices.

But there is one thing left unshaken — the solace and peace to be found in church. Come to your church… there to find the stable spiritual values which are enduring in peace as well as in war or times of sadness.

Celebrate the great day of Victory in Europe in song and prayer of gratitude… renew your wellsprings of faith and courage to face the morrow… seek the understanding by which we may know good from evil, and the courage and strength to fortify the one and to destroy the other… find the awareness by which we may learn as one man the dignity and reality of a common faith nursed by knowledge instead of ignorance, by integrity instead of deceit, by hope instead of fear.

You will find a warm welcome at any of Worthington’s fine churches… and you’ll find great benefit, assurance, comfort and friendliness there. Come and get them. They belong to you!

A warm welcome awaits you at the church of your choice!

Victory in Europe Day was May 8, 1945.