1985: We Do Not Have Copies Of This Anymore

We no longer have copies of Dorthy Rickers’ wonderful Mixing and Musing book available, as it was in 1985. Your best bet is probably E-Bay. We still get calls about the cookbook, and it’s easy to see why; Dorthy’s column was completely awesome, so the cookbook must be too.

1960: Hail Insurance

Hail insurance was the best thing ever invented to keep you out of the red, according to this ad from Security Insurance Agency, managed by M. F. Monthey at the New First National Bank Building. Next post at 6 p.m.

1945: 600 Chicks Lost

600 chicks (baby chickens, not girls) were killed in a brooder house fire near Rushmore in 1960. Next post at 6 p.m.