1985: Can You Spot The Owl In This Photo?

Can you spot the great horned owl in this photo? The great horned owl can stump its predators and hunters with crafty camouflage. Most poeple walking through the grove on the Kenneth Fletcher farm west of Worthington would walk by this dead tree and not notice the owl nesting. But look closely; the stump has…
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1960: It Takes More To Be A Valiant Dealer

At the risk of sounding extremely creepy, that is one fine back end for a car, sported by the Valiant in 1960. I mean, look at those fins! Do you think it was white, cream-colored or maybe a turquoise color? (Full disclosure: Scholtes sponsors this blog. But I would have posted this photo anyway, because 1. I love cars…
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1945: Refinish Your Own Floor

You could rent your own sanders and edgers in 1945 from Rickbeils’ Hardware and refinish your own floor. Next post at 11 a.m.