1945: Former Principal Lost, Presumed Dead

Ellis Matheson, former Round Lake school principal and one of the first civilian pilot training students at the Worthington airport, was officially presumed dead in 1945 after going missing in the Solomons area in 1943.

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3 Responses to 1945: Former Principal Lost, Presumed Dead

  1. Scott Ashby says:

    Thank you for posting this. Mr. Matheson was my mothers favorite uncle and I have been researching his life in the last few months. I had not seen the memorial announcement in any of the family albums.

    • Kari Lucin says:

      Not to be morbid or insensitive, but do you know whether they ever found the poor man? What a sad tragedy, either way.

      • Scott Ashby says:

        He and his crew were never located. He was the pilot of a TBF Avenger (crew of three). Flew out of Henderson field on Guadalcanal on the night of 3/20/1943 with 41 other Avengers to perform drop mines in Kahili harbor. Through heavy anti-aircraft fire and night figher opposition he completed his mission. However, his aircraft disappeared after hitting the target. Nobody saw what happened to him.