1960: Torsion-Aire Suspension Oh My!

Scholtes Motor Co. was offering the "only compact with torsion-aire suspension!" in 1960: The Valiant.

I have no idea what torsion-aire suspension is, but I had to ask the important question: Did it have awesome-looking fins? 

Yes. Yes it did, in the form of tail-lamps.

(Disclosure: Scholtes sponsors this blog. But I chose the ad because I like cars with fins.)

2 Responses

  1. Vorn

    Sadly, Scholtes probably doesn’t have any Valiants any more. Or at that much in the way of cars with fins at all. Or, at that, any cars with Torsion-Aire suspension, whatever that is.

  2. Where

    You wonder about Torsion-Aire suspension?

    Mona Vito knows. Ask Mona. Mona is a close friend of, “My Cousin Vinny.”

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