1960: Torsion-Aire Suspension Oh My!

Scholtes Motor Co. was offering the "only compact with torsion-aire suspension!" in 1960: The Valiant.

I have no idea what torsion-aire suspension is, but I had to ask the important question: Did it have awesome-looking fins? 

Yes. Yes it did, in the form of tail-lamps.

(Disclosure: Scholtes sponsors this blog. But I chose the ad because I like cars with fins.)

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2 Responses to 1960: Torsion-Aire Suspension Oh My!

  1. Vorn says:

    Sadly, Scholtes probably doesn’t have any Valiants any more. Or at that much in the way of cars with fins at all. Or, at that, any cars with Torsion-Aire suspension, whatever that is.

  2. Where says:

    You wonder about Torsion-Aire suspension?

    Mona Vito knows. Ask Mona. Mona is a close friend of, “My Cousin Vinny.”