1960: Deer, Ship, Dreams?

In this puzzling 1960 ad from First National Bank in Worthington, a cute baby deer is nuzzling a cute baby human in a boat.

"It’s easy to get what you want! Save for it!"

While the adults in the photo may have saved for the boat and probably saved for the kid… where does the deer fit into that equation?

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3 Responses to 1960: Deer, Ship, Dreams?

  1. Vorn says:

    They had to hire the deer.

    A lot of “nature” photos nowadays use tamed & rented animals.

  2. Howard says:

    I understand the fawn, it makes the photo more pastoral. What I don’t understand is the reference to a ship. Where’s the ship mentioned in the headline?

  3. Kari Lucin says:

    Yeah, it’s more of a boat, really.

    I wonder how much Bambi got for his role?