Still Working On It…

The folks at Forum are still working on getting the Daily Globe’s set of 3-4 inaccessible blogs working, so I’m not sure when Shiny Thing is going to be up and running again. Just know that we haven’t given up.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to make an effort this week to catch up on Reprint. Yes, again. This summer I’ve been extremely flaky as a blogger, but at least this time it was actual upgrades and not just time getting away from me that caused it.

I went to Civil War Days in Pipestone on Saturday, and it was made of awesome. I should have video of that up either today or tomorrow, depending on what else I can get done.

I am pondering trying to develop a historical presentation for reenacting, but I haven’t ever done it before, so if any of you have any suggestions on a newbie getting started, please let me know.

The topic would be one of two things: Journalism during the War, or (more likely) women’s dress reform, which was a critical topic in suffragism and the proto-feminism of the times. Because if you’ve ever worn a hoop skirt and tried to get into a car(riage?), you know fashion can really limit your opportunities.