1939: After The War What?

What would happen after the war, the Daily Globe asked in 1939, when it was still just beginning.

1960: Westbrook Short On Water

Westbrook was short on water in 1960.

1939: Dog Days For Duke

I don’t know that we could run this in the paper anymore, because people would probably call us and complain. When I was teeny-tiny I used to try to ride my grandparents’ cheerful, friendly and extremely patient dog, Thurman. Thurman, that prince of dogs, put up with it and never even gave me a nip.…
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1960: Grandmother Saves Three-Year-Old

A three-year-old Westbrook boy fell into a cesspool in 1960, and his grandmother saved him. I’m really hoping he didn’t remember the experience.

1985: First State Bank Of Rushmore Helps The Little Guy

Another fantastic 1985 advertisement from the First State Bank of Rushmore, this one featuring a tiny kid trying to drink from a fountain. I really like this ad series, and I hope it worked.