1985: Postcards From The Edge (of Town)

October 1 is the birthday of the postcard, Daily Globe Editor Ray Crippen wrote in 1985. With the story were four examples of Worthington postcards. Unfortunately they were all in black and white–does anyone have a picture of these postcards in color? or perhaps the originals were also black and white?

1939: First King Turkey Day Planned

King Turkey Day has changed a bit over the years, but the parade and the free pancake breakfast have always been a part of it, since 1939. You may wonder why I’m running this article now, so long after KTD–the first KTD festival was in October, not September.

1985: Judge To Decide Polzine Foreclosure

A judge was set to decide on the Polzine foreclosure in October 1985. This had major implications regarding the Farm Crisis, the Groundswell movement and the ag industry in general.