1939: We Wish You A Scary Christmas

I think my exact words when I saw this 1939 ad the first time were: “GAH! Holy buckets, it’s Evil Santa!” The wearing away of the ink on the page has made this Santa creepier, but even the original Santa might have looked a little… off, with his frightening gaping maw, filled with teeth.

1939: Bowling Shoes Improve Your Game

Bowling shoes improve your game, stated D&B Sport Shop in 1960. Did people not still have to rent and wear bowling shoes back then? Or were you allowed to just bowl in street shoes?

1939: We Helped Make The Bowling Center

Greven Concrete Block Company put in this fun brag ad about its concrete blocks in the bowling center in 1960. Not too many companies do this anymore, unfortunately–I would definitely look at the blocks in the bowling alley a little closer after seeing this ad and wonder if those were the Greven ones.