1986: Use Your Imagination

I wasn’t much on the outdoors when I was a kid, and didn’t have any outdoor chores like those featured in this 1986 Bob Artley comic, but I did pretend I was a knight. I also pretended I was a princess. The only difference is, quite often, I saved myself.

1961: Trojan Wrestlers Top Conference Mat Meet

Trojan wrestlers did well in 1961.

1940: Area Farm Youth Dies In Corn Bin

Jerry Bueltel died tragically in 1940.

1986: When William Taft Visited Worthington

Former President William Taft once visited Worthington, as this 1986 Ray Crippen article describes. Fascinating!

1961: Worthington High School Debate Team

These are Worthington’s great debaters of 1961, who were apparently quite successful.