1986: Weird Headline for Fire Story

1986: Weird Headline for Fire Story

1986: Weird Headline for Fire Story

1986: Weird Headline for Fire StoryPool games were on hold in 1986, which is kind of an odd headline when you read a bit further and realize that it was because a fire had gutted the room.

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4 Responses to 1986: Weird Headline for Fire Story

  1. Crystal says:

    That’s my grandpa! We used to go visit him there playing pool. Thanks for posting this “odd headline” article :)

    • Profile photo of Kari Lucin Kari Lucin says:

      Aha! Do you know if they renovated it again and kept playing pool there after the fire, by any chance?

      • Crystal says:

        Oh yeah, they definitely did because I wouldn’t remember it otherwise! I was born in 81 so I don’t remember it pre-fire but they definitely played pool and I’m pretty sure it was this same building. The layout looks the same to me because I remember that the door was at the side like that. Grandpa “Rhine” went to that pool hall every morning and then played dice and drank coffee at the cafe around the corner. I miss Chandler :)

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