1940: Henry Ford’s Predictions Go Bust

1940: Henry Ford's Predictions Go Bust

1940: Henry Ford's Predictions Go Bust

Most of Henry Ford’s 1940 predictions didn’t come true, although vocational schools do seem to be doing quite well.

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2 Responses to 1940: Henry Ford’s Predictions Go Bust

  1. Shane says:

    I was wondering what newspaper this was from and who wrote it.

    • Avatar of Kari Lucin Kari Lucin says:

      It is from the Worthington Daily Globe, of Worthington, Minnesota. It was written by the paper’s editorial board; beyond that, I don’t know.

      The editorial quotes an article in Forbes.

      Chemurgy, incidentally, is “A division of applied chemistry concerned with the industrial use of organic substances, especially substances obtained from farm produce, as soybeans or peanuts.”

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