1888: The Children’s Blizzard

This month marks the anniversary of one of the most horrific events in Midwest history, though after 125 years quite a few people don’t remember it at all: the Children’s Blizzard of 1888, which received its name because so many of its 250-500 fatalities were children. Many factors combined to cause that death toll, which…
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Worthington Rendering Company

BoingBoing linked to this helpful ad for Worthington Rendering Company. Click here for the much larger version at the original site; you can read the text that way.

1940: Captain Lowry Retires

1940: Rushmore Man Loses, Finds Money 9 Months Later

1940: Fire At Rickbeils

F. Hardy Rickbeil was a cool guy, and I’m glad I got to meet him. The world is the lesser for his passing.