1945: Famous Beer Brand Is No More

Alas, the Gluek’s beer featured in this 1945 ad has been discontinued.

1960: Tall Corn Blinds Corners, Sheriff Warns

Tall corn was creating blind corners on rural roads, Sheriff Harry Nackerud warned in 1960.

1945: Get In On The Ground Floor! Men Wanted!

The construction office was looking for men for constructing Worthington’s new dehydrating plant in 1945.

1960: Mystery Tombstones In Worthington Stir Comment

Mysterious tombstones were discovered in 1960, belonging to George McLenehan and John Douglass. The question at the time seemed to be one, why were the tombstones there, and two, were the veterans buried there too?

1945: Marine Expects Third Assignment To Pacific Area

Marine Donald Schoepp expected to return to the Pacific Theater in 1945.