Santa Speed

How does Santa travel so fast? Reporters at the Fargo Forum, owned by the same company as the Daily Globe, asked various "experts" – including kindergarteners and first-graders – how Santa does it. If you’re having trouble getting your holiday spirit going this year, check out "Six ways to melt your inner Scrooge," or just…
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Christmas Carol Of The Day

Today’s Christmas Carol of the Day was originally written in Welsh, although the lyrics we normally hear are the English translation. Mozart used the tune for a violin-piano duet, according to Wikipedia, but originally the catchy fa-la-la-la-la bits were probably played on a harp. Twisted Sister did a version of it. Go here to listen…
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Farm Bill

Minnesotans have been waiting for the new Farm Bill for a long time now, wondering if California and the other bigger, more powerful states in Congress will have managed to overpower our people in Washington. According to recent news coverage, though, our representation is speaking up and putting their two cents into the Farm Bill.…
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A Couple Of Friendly Elves

Shop at the Worthington Hy-Vee once in a while? Then you may know Wanda Krull and Judy Miller, the jolly pair of ladies who work at the supermarket’s Cheese Island. The duo has been serving up plenty of snacks – and smiles – during the holiday season so far, and Jane Turpin Moore offers a…
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Ice, Ice, Baby

Some of the most amazing art in the world doesn’t last very long. A good example is Kim Brewster’s ice sculpture. Here’s a slideshow, with audio describing the process, courtesy of the Forum.