1935: Nobles County Not Too Safe

In 1934 Nobles County was pretty unsafe, traffic accident-wise — there were 10 deaths, according to this 1935 report in the Nobles County Times.  

1934: War Averted; Nazis Solve Problem

"War Averted" and "The Nazis Solve a Problem" are the two saddest headlines I’ve ever seen published in consecutive Daily Globe editorials. They were published in the same paper in 1934. Next post at 9 a.m.

1934: Santa To Appear In Worthington, Terrify Children

I’m guessing it’s just the poor scanning job I did on this advertisement for a Santa appearance in Worthington in 1934, but this Santa looks kinda scary to me. After a wacky holiday, Reprint is back. I’ll try to post a couple of extra things today and tomorrow to make up for missing two days.…
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1934: America’s First High Speed Safety Car

Spillman Auto (located at the Riss Garage, the corner of Third Avenue and Ninth Street) advertised the revolutionary new 1935 Plymouth, which had scientific improvements that "cast aside tradition and precedent." Plenty of information on the car can be found on Wikipedia.

1934: Gifts That Are Always Appreciated

J.A. Snyder was offering lovely leather goods for sale for Christmas in 1934, and yes, luggage actually makes a good present. Especially if it’s fun luggage. Coming back from Oregon, I saw a few people with Hawaiian-shirt-patterned luggage. It was awesome.