1934: Christmas Gifts

This 1934 Herbert Drug ad for Christmas Gifts would be just as good if it were run today, though I suspect cigarette cases would be further down the list. That’s the only post I will make tonight. I hope all of you stayed safe and warm this Christmas and weren’t too badly impacted by the…
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1934: Going Places? Well, No.

Worthington Cleaning Works offered to do people’s Christmas cleaning in 1934, if they were going places. Well, this year I don’t think anyone’s going places. Hopefully not, anyway. Next post at 9 a.m.

1934: Kid Admits Being Full Of Mischief To Santa

Marilynn Anne McCann, of Lismore, was 2 when she admitted being full of mischief in 1934, meaning a parent or sibling probably wrote the letter. Other writers in this post: Veronica Farmer of Lismore, Frederick, Henry and Alvin Gruis of Bigelow, Norma Mae and Billy Nelson of Worthington, Fred Reker Jr. of Lismore, and Jimmy…
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1934: Santa’s Deadline Draws Near

Santa’s deadline, or at least, the Daily Globe’s deadline for publishing letters to Santa, drew near in 1934. Next post at 9 a.m.

1934: Lack Of Coffee Leads To Violence

Most people just get cranky when denied their morning coffee, but a transient who was denied "money to buy a cup of coffee" got violent and hit local Roy Fitch right in the face, giving him a nasty gash. But Fitch was a policeman, and subdued the transient and brought him to jail. Next post…
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