1939: Santa To Visit By Airplane

Santa was going to visit by airplane in 1939.

1939: Speed Kills

“There may come a time when the speed of automobiles will be limited by law.” Were there speed limits in 1939 in Minnesota, or does this Pipestone Leader excerpt refer to physically making automobiles unable to go faster than a certain speed?

1939: Nazis Can’t Stop Culture

The Nazis couldn’t stop culture, argued this 1939 editorial. Note Hitler’s displeasure with the German Nobel Peace Prize winner, which was echoed this year by China’s reaction to one of its dissidents winning the prize. Some things never change.

1939: Headline… May Not Be Entirely Accurate

While the 1960 headline says “Picture Taking Is Fun for These Boys,” I have my doubts. The kidlet on the left looks bored, and the kid on the right has that distinct look of kid-skepticism. If this were taken today, he’d have just said “Seriously?”

1939: We Wish You A Scary Christmas

I think my exact words when I saw this 1939 ad the first time were: “GAH! Holy buckets, it’s Evil Santa!” The wearing away of the ink on the page has made this Santa creepier, but even the original Santa might have looked a little… off, with his frightening gaping maw, filled with teeth.