1944, 1945: The Year In Review, Cartoon Style

Note the housing problem in the bottom right in this Year in Review from New Year’s 1945. I guess some things never change. Next post at 9 a.m.

1944: Turkey Day Revival Planned For 1945

People decided to bring back King Turkey Day for 1945 after having skipped a year (or two? I’m not entirely certain, given the text; one of you folks know the answer to this?), mostly because they were afraid of losing the name and date to some other town. Dean W. Donald Olsen of Worthington Junior…
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1944: Missing Worthington Airman Returns

Elliott Cunningham, one of three sons of Mrs. Harry Cunningham, was reported missing in action over Europe in October 1944, and had been back in service since Nov. 24. Cunningham was awarded the air medal for completion of five combat missions.

1944: Evaporated Milk For Civilians!

Rochester Dairy was advertising evaporated milk for civilian use in 1944, scientifically controlled, on the farm, in processing, and in packaging. Remember, "scientific" still had healthy, modern connotations in 1944. These days we advertise "natural" in pretty much the same way. Next post at 9 a.m.

1944: Sink The Rising Sun–Buy Bonds

This 1944 advertisement for Rock Island Lines, also known as the "Route of the Rockets," noted the line was "One of America’s railroads–all united for victory." Let’s sink the rising sun–buy bonds! Next post at noon.