1944: Stressed From The Holidays And The War? Drink Milk!

Benson & Sorensen Dairy recommended people should drink a quart of milk a day in 1944, and I think I spy a World War II reference in the ad. Milk "provides extra food energy which you need especially in these times of work, stress and worry." Next post at 5 p.m.

1944: Shape Your Lips Like A Fashion Model

Dickey Pharmacy was offering Model’s Special lipstick for just $1 in 1944, with colors chosen by a jury of New York models. A jury of models? "We convict you of being fabulous!"

1944: Religious And Racial Freedom To Be Restored To Germany

This clever PR effort from General Eisenhower in 1944 let the German people know they’d be able to go to church again after the U.S. conquered them.

1944: A Little Planning Goes A Long Way At Holiday Time

A little planning goes a long way at holiday time, assured the Rock Island Lines in 1944. Not so much this year, but hey, it’ll be a Christmas to remember! Call your family if you’re not with them, and sing a Christmas tune over the phone. Next post at noon.

1944: A Dangerous Experiment In Love And Murder

The State Theater was showing "Laura," a noirish movie with Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb and Vincent Price, directed by Otto Preminger, in 1944. I would like to see this movie; it has pretty good reviews. Next post at noon.