1945: Worthingtonite Helped Keep Atomic Secrets

Francis Hand, a former Worthingtonite, helped keep the secret of the atomic bomb.

1945: No Safety In Weakness

There’s no safety in weakness, reminded this 1945 Daily Globe editorial cautioning people not to get too complacent in times of peace.

1945: Atom Bomb Creates Peace? Doubtful.

No weapon has ever curbed war-making, said James Thrasher in 1945, and the atomic bomb was not likely to be an exception.

1945: War’s Over, Time To Celebrate

Worthington celebrated the end of the war in 1945.

1945: Nagasaki Blast Was Bigger; Censorship Over

The Nagasaki blast was found to be larger than the Hiroshima one in 1945. As soon as the war ended, news organizations stopped censoring themselves.