1932, 1959: Patrol Boys Recognized

In 1959, Dave Schumann, one of Worthington’s latest School Patrol boys, tried to fit a patrol belt on Richard Koeneke, one of the city’s first patrol boys back in 1932.

1959: Safecrackers Break Into Luverne Safe

Burglars went through a cement block wall and into a safe in Luverne in 1959, but only succeeded in stealing 5 packages of cigarettes. All that’s kept in the safe are shotgun shells and clay pigeons for trapshooting.

1959: Calf With Two Heads Born Near Storden

Harold Grote, a Storden veterinarian, is pictured with a two-headed Holstein heifer calf born Thanksgiving morning on the Richard Anderson farm north of Storden in 1959. The heads are joined behind the ears. Next post at noon.

1959: When’s The Best Time For A Battery To Quit?

Martin Oil, a Worthington business, asked when the best time for a battery to quit was in 1959. Their answer "never," is a good one, but I’d say a nice dry day in mid-June would also be an acceptable answer.

1959: Give The Holy Bible For Christmas

Yes, I know, Christmas is over, but I have some extra Christmas ads from earlier in December, so bear with me. This 1959 advertisement from Herbert’s, (a Rexall pharmacy) advises people to give the Holy Bible for Christmas.