1959: 219 Car Crashes In Worthington

There had been 219 car crashes in Worthington by December in 1959, a cause for some concern.

1959: Chemicals In Food Pose Danger

The cranberry dilemma in the first paragraph is explained in the rest of this 1959 editorial about federal regulation of chemicals in the agricultural industry. Aminotriazole is no longer used on food crops because it causes cancer.

1959: Matching Family Outfits For Christmas

I’m fairly sure most children would rather die than wear matching family sweaters, such as these advertised in the 1959 Daily Globe by Wolff’s. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that you’d be matching your parents, which would probably cause the world to come to an end or something. Nonetheless, I’m fairly sure these…
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1959: Man Misses Vaccination, Gets Tetanus

In 1959 Arnold Schulz told the Daily Globe how awful it was to get tetanus. Arnold Schulz, who runs the Earlydawn Kennels and farms north of Worthington, talked this week about his terrible experience with tetanus. On his way to complete recovery now, Schulz described how missing one vaccination cost him much in time and…
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1959: Letters FROM Santa

Wilson’s Standard Service had a deal where you could send a letter to your kid from Santa Claus, a town in Indiana, for free, in 1959. Pretty cool!