1984: Cinderellie Cinderellie Night And Day It’s Cinderellie

In 1984 students put on the play Cinderella.

1984: Luverne Cardinals To Go To State

Published in November 1984, this photo’s caption was "Luverne Cardinals who will compete in their first-ever state volleyball tournament are, sitting, left to right: Theresa Hansen, Coach Mary Jo Graphenteen and Wendy Wassenaar. Second row: Sue Christensen, Nancy Dirks, Cindy Harner, Wendy Cragoe and Dyan Carroll. Back: Audra Huiskes, Lucy Madtson, Missy Bollinger, Jennifer Bot…
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1984: Roc-Lon Insulated Lining

You could get free Roc-Lon insulating lining in 1984 with the purchase of drapery from Hanson’s Town & Country. Now the company is Roc-lon and they sell lots of drapery-related things, some of which are very pretty, from what I can see.

1984: Phones The Size Of A Loaf Of Bread!

My whole cellphone is about an eighth the size of the handset from this 1984 phone from JC Penney. At the time, though, this phone was cool, because it had a radio in it. My phone does not have a radio in it, but it does have the internet. Technology is awesome.

1984: Most Accurate Weather Forecast Ever

This 1984 Pea Pod has the most accurate weather prediction I have ever seen in any medium.