1984: Super Computer In Color!

Radio Shack advertised this "Super Computer" in 1984. It was color, and you could program it in BASIC. I’m so old that when I was a kid, we had BASIC in our math books. We never actually did those exercises, but we could have, and we did learn just enough BASIC in computer classes to…
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1984: Print In Four Colors!!!

Wow, you could totally print in four whole colors in 1984 with this awesome printer from Radio Shack! And no, that is not sarcasm. This would have been the height of awesome in 1984; I can’t remember seeing a color printer until I was out of grade school in the early 1990s.

1984: Hats Off To The Luverne Cardinals

In November 1984 "The Luverne Cardinal girls volleyball team made school history Saturday when they captured their first ever Region 2A championship. The big victory vaults the Cards into a state tourney berth on Friday. Celebrating Saturday are, front, left to right, Sue Christensen, Melissa Bollinger (?), Dyan Carroll and Theresa Hanson. Luverne is coached…
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1984: Set Your Thanksgiving Table With Disposable Stuff

Gordon’s Hallmark Shop in Northland Mall encouraged people to set their tables with disposable plates and napkins in 1984.

1984, 1940s: Celebrating The Gray Ladies

The Daily Globe ran this salute in November 1984 to the Gray Ladies, who staffed a canteen for servicemen (and their families) at the Worthington depot during World War II. Though there were doubtless many more who served, those named Amy Thrall, Mary Petersen, Margaret DeVaney, Ermyl Lowry, Lottie Ventioner, Olga Heig, Solvig Hedrick, Lillian…
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