1985: Queen II To Be Built

They were planning to build a Queen II in 1985.

1985: Corn Harvest

There was still corn on the ground in November 1985.

1985: Women’s Role In Society

I take my equality with men for granted. These women (all three) were at the front lines in 1985, back when it wasn’t so very easy to defend your choices, or to compete with men, or even to make the decision to be a homemaker (because then

1985: The Role Of Women

I find the differences in expressions of the women in this 1985 article to be kind of interesting. The article, discussing the role of women, will be up tomorrow.

1985: Operating Room Nurses

I can definitely testify to the last part of the article. My mother is not an operating room nurse, but she is a registered nurse, and she was always absolutely splendid whenever I hurt myself, calmly explaining everything she was going to do to fix it. Three cheers for nurses and the medical teams they…
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