1985: Child Faces Recovery After Transplant

Tiny Seth Beckman had a liver transplant in 1985.

1985: Bank With A Bathtub In Ellsworth?

A bank with a bathtub was being torn down in 1985.

1985: Checking The Mail In Snow

Joshua Taarud checked for mail in November 1985, and apparently the snow they’d gotten by then had already stuck…

1985: Pay Equity And The Mega-Mall

Pay equity (for women, I assume, since it’s not explicitly stated in the article), the mega-mall and the economy were all topics of discussion in 1985 for state legislators.

1985: Shouldercat Sayz NO SNOW

That is one angry-looking kitty. Awesome photo, though! I CAN HAZ YOUR SHOULDER! or IM ON UR SHOULDER PLANNING UR DEATH are alternate headlines.