1961: Blinding Snow Leads To Tragic Car Crash

Blinding snow led to a fatal car crash, which tragically killed Dorothy Dickman in 1961.

1940: Fish Make Pavement Slippery

Unsurprisingly, adding fish to pavement makes it more slippery.

1940: Cold Wave Strikes

A severe cold wave struck the area in 1940.

1940: The Solution: Where Is Calamity Corner?

You asked where Calamity Corner is, and I (meaning the other people in the newsroom who have lived here longer than 5 years) have found it for you! Calamity Corner was located at the junction of “the Wilmont diagonal and Highway 16.” The “Wilmont diagonal” is Diagonal Road, and Old Highway 16 is Nobles County…
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1940: Miraculous Escape From Death

Vic Kelimoff and Monta Sackman narrowly escaped death in 1940 at Worthington’s Calamity Corner.