1940: Give Your Son Pasteurized Milk

Give your son pasteurized milk, urged this Benson & Sorensen Dairy ad from 1940. Daughters may be an afterthought.

1939: Cuddly, Cheery Santa

Now this is a cheerful, happy Santa!

1939: Drink Your Way To Health

This 1939 ad would be so much funnier if it were for beer instead of milk…

1945: My Tummy Says It’s Time For Better Milk

Kids hallucinate for Benson and Sorensen Dairy milk! I can’t help but tease a bit, but I love Benson & Sorensen Dairy ads. There were a lot of them in the Globe of the 1940s (this one from 1945), and they weren’t all identical, and the company really did make an effort to let everyone know…
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1935: The Dairy’s Obligation To You

Scientific methods was as big a selling point in 1935 as "natural" is in 2010, as you can see from this Benson & Sorensen Dairy ad from June 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.