1986: Spring On The Farm

Spring on the farm is still a fine, marvelous thing, as it was in 1986 and long before that. It’s still muddy, and there’s still tons of work to be done, too.

1986: Butting And Tipping Seed Corn Sheller

Bob Artley showed a seed corn sheller in 1986.

1986: Use Your Imagination

I wasn’t much on the outdoors when I was a kid, and didn’t have any outdoor chores like those featured in this 1986 Bob Artley comic, but I did pretend I was a knight. I also pretended I was a princess. The only difference is, quite often, I saved myself.

1986: High Tech Solutions To Low-Tech Problems

I’ve never milked a cow before, but I imagine getting whapped by a cow’s tail wouldn’t be pleasant.

1986: Cozy, Back In The Day

A cozy winter evening in the old days would be pretty much the same as it is now, but with a laptop or e-reader and an electric bulb in place of the book and lamp.